U.S. Basketball Writers Association 2020 BEST WRITING CONTEST
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1. Matt Norlander, CBSSports.com: Duke slips past North Carolina with two buzzer-beaters in a flawed classic.
2. John Feinstein, The Washington Post: Better late than never? Former Indiana coach Bob Knight returns to Assembly Hall.
3. Matt Fortuna, The Athletic: Why didn’t they cancel college sports sooner? What was there to think about, really?
4. Brendan Quinn, The Athletic: Why did John Beilein fail in the NBA after he jumped from Michigan?
5. Russell Steinberg, Mid-Major Madness: A personal account of losing your job and college basketball at the same time.

1. Brendan Quinn, The Athletic: An intense picture: Cassius Winston plays the day after his brother is killed in a train accident.
2. John Feinstein, The Washington Post: A tribute/obituary of the remarkable life of Morgan Wooten
3. C.J. Moore, The Athletic: Baylor coach Scott Drew comes up with a signature win at Kansas.
4. Matt Norlander, CBSSports.com: Kansas avenges loss to Baylor. Udoka Azubuike is the reason why.
5. Mitchell Northam, High Post Hoops: Kyra Lambert made a beyond-half-court shot on her first shot after returning from three knee surgeries and nearly three years on the sidelines for Duke

1. John Akers, Basketball Times: A look at Dick DeVenzio, who started the discusson of paying college athletes with his 1985 book "Rip-Off U" Now, the NCAA has handed the issue to a committee. Will it matter?
2. Matt Norlander, CBSSports: A timetable of COVID-19 shutting down college basketball.
3. Tom Noie, South Bend Tribune: Lunch with DeMatha’s legendary Morgan Wooten.
4. Craig Meyer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: NCAA basketball lags behind in black head coaches. A look at the numbers and stories.
5. Seth Davis, The Athletic: The men behind the history of Gonzaga underline how a contender was built and maintained.

1. Brian Bennett, The Athletic: A look at the "Holy Grail" (a college team scoring 200 points in a 40-minute game.) Is it a feat? Is it a slap to the face of sportsmanship? Both?
2. Kevin Armstrong, SI.com: COVID-19 puts a halt to playground basketball; a New York tradition is shuttered by the pandemic.
3. Brendan Quinn, The Athletic: High School players building their ever more important “brand.” Joe Tipton, a junior at Alabama Huntsville, is a pivot point in the social media world of "edits."
4. Matt Norlander, CBSSports.com: Kobe Bryant’s relationship with UC Irvine, a campus near his home.
5. Jeff Greer The Athletic: Rob Butsch has died. For two years, Butsch was Louisville’s "Flying Cardinal Bird" who swung from the arena’s rafters – part of what makes sports a great connector.

1. Mirin Fader, Bleacher Report: An in-depth look at Gigi Bryant, who died along with her father Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash in California. An impressive look at young girls and basketball.
2. Brendan Quinn, The Athletic: Telling details are what makes this piece strong. Friends laughing at young Juwan Howard. Years later, a ball left on Juwan Howard court, waiting for the next kid who wants to play.
3. Mike DeCourcy, The Sporting News: How NCAA tournament expansion 35 years ago became the foundation of a sports showcase.
4. Ryan McGee, ESPN.com: Rex Chapman (Kentucky/Charlotte Hornets gets used to new role as a social media influencer.
5. Dan Greene, Sports Illustrated: Chris Beard is the architect behind Texas Tech emerging as a basketball power.

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